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Talking about climate change, staring into the face of death and 1970’s inspirational posters. And how I’m finally going to ‘do something’.

  People don’t always want to hear about climate breakdown. The exceptions are neurotic types like me who are driven more by fear than reward. Thankfully, ‘they’ have given me a platform from which to speak to the happy others. Fun times head.

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A search for Hope in a time of Trump

So it’s now a week past Trumpageddon. What a shock. What an outrage. Like a violent fall into a deep dark pothole. Actually let’s make that a rabbit hole, leading to a Mad Hatter’s teabagging party, featuring Sarah Palin, Steve Bannon, Newt Gingrich and more – a whole cast of cartoon baddies that we all assumed had been walloped into history already. But no, they’re back, only now with ultimate power. read more